Videos for Non-Profits.

Throughout her career, Giovanna has Directed and Produced films for non-profit entities - from a women's homeless shelter in New York City to an archaeological project in Pompeii, Italy. These are documentary-style projects that express core elements of their mission to constituents, researchers, activists and donors. Contact G6 Pictures below if you are interested in a video for your organization.

Pompeii Food and Drink
(in post-production)

This informative documentary on the Pompeii Food and Drink project will take viewers to the field with the team, its members, and Primary Investigator Betty Jo Maeske. Pompeii Food and Drink is a 15 year project with a research goal of analyzing "patterns of daily life by a noninvasive study of the structures that are associated with the storage, distribution, preparation, serving, and consumption of food and drink."

Center for Women's Global Leadership at Rutgers University

G6 Pictures produced a series of videos for the Center for Women's Global Leadership at Rutgers including a series of strategic conversations on militarism held over a three day period with key figures in global action for women's human rights.

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