16mm, 24 min, 2002
Distributed by G6 Pictures (16mm or DVD)


A Long Island beauty queen humorously realizes that she is more than just a pretty face. In the days leading up to her senior prom, where she has been nominated for prom queen, Donatella begins to explore her sexuality and intellect. We follow Donatella through her search for herself in confusing and claustrophobic spaces: a Born Again Virgin meeting, her delinquent boyfriend’s hot rod, the dysfunctional dinner table, a Long Island mall, and finally, to the prom. Throughout her journey, Donatella finds refuge from these plastic surroundings in a poetic natural space of her own imagination where she freely expresses herself and her desires for Mina, a girl in her English class.

This film is the third film in the BeauteouS trilogy, three portraits of three sisters and their relationships to beauty. It is the fictionalization of the experiences of our middle sister, Michele.


Director, Producer, Writer, Editor and Sound Designer
Giovanna Chesler

Director of Photography - Nancy Morita
Poetry - Glori Simmons
Art Director - Danielle Fierro
Gaffer - Arthur Aravena
Sound - Vince Tocce
Music - Dawn Richardson with Katharine Chase
Sound Editing and Mix - Elise Hurwitz

The Cast
Donatella - Kirsten Finkas
Mom - Perry Smith
Mina - Kathleen Brower
Religious Leader - Morris Nash
Christopher - Louis John
Missy - Poppy Nguyen
Elvira - Sina Eiden
Terese - Katie Kegan Esser
Dave - Terrence Garner
Ms. Lambshitz - Jules Divens
Stella - Laura Toland
The Prom King - Barsha Fields
Frank - Richard McBride
Mina’s Friend - Jocelyn Truitt

Prom Goers
Jenn Vigil, Rachel Rene Esser, Christopher Vigil, David Orr, Daniel Ahiakpor, Kristen Carpenter, Lisa Jenai Hernandez, Karla Altamirano, Olivia Garcia, Katie Callahan, Li Shen, Teshun Tseng, Katrina Drabkin, Pam Johnston, Zeke Pinheiro

Prom Chaperones 
Sean Esser, Genie Ohashi,

Virginal Fanatics
Lisa Jenai Hernandez, Daniel Ahiakpor, Siobhan Guthrie, David Orr,

Rude Mall Shoppers
Rachel Power, Miya Emery

Male Models
Timothy Caraher, Tim Sultan, Nathan Valentine, Marc Wilson

Vocal Talents
Greg Serpa, Josh Chesler, Derek Owen,
Giovanna Chesler, Heeraz Marfatia, Jennifer McKay

Additional Lighting - Bill Basquin, Zack Richard
Hair and Makeup Artistry - Pamela Johnston
First Assistant Camera - Hannah Guggenheim
Assistant Directors - Lorena Gonzalez, Mahri Holt
Second Assistant Camera - Mahri Holt, Katrina Drabkin Jennifer McKay
Edie Schaffer Michelle Kantor, Marjorie Sturm
Boom Operator - Josh Chesler
Additional Sound - David Duhig
Grips Zeke Pinheiro, Zack Richard, Peter Smith, Deron Tse, Michael Wilson, Megan Cassidy, Sergio, Chris Venot, Rob Mack
Dolly Grips - Michael Wilson Seiji and Miya Emery
Art Department Assistants- Tony Fierro, Michael Wilson, Teshun Tseng, Julie Adams
Costumes - Giovanna Chesler
Production Assistants - Erik Lee, Jeff Bogard, Tim Clouser, Mike Ray, Patti Byther
Craft Service - Tim Whitley, Uncle Tony’s BBQ, Josh Chesler
Casting Assistance - Hannah Guggenheim, Mahri Holt, Rachel Power, Morris Naish, Shari Carlson and the Actors of Studio 300
Production Stills - Josh Chesler, Jeni Rohlin, Patrick Nguyen
Wind Machine and Grass Fluffer -Zack Richard
Foley - Giovanna Chesler, Josh Chesler, Jennifer McKay
Title Support Josh Chesler, Jeff Bogard
Titles Rock Ross
Negative Cut Lewis Motisher

" Don’t Mention It ”
“ Better World ”
“ Plastic Flower ”
Katharine Chase Carrie Baum Dawn Richardson
© 1999

“ Kel and Shell ”
Dawn Richardson
© 1999

“ The Skye is Falling ”
Performed by Affinity: Ronald Richard Abrams, Mathiew McClinton and Michael Wessner.
Composer: Ronald Richard Abrams
Publisher: Ronismusic Publishing (BMI)
© & (P) 2002 Ronismusic Publishing (BMI)


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