16mm, 13 min, 2004
Distributed by Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre

still from hand-some by Giovanna Chesler

still from hand-some by Giovanna Chesler


As a lesbian relationship falls apart, this docu-failure, unravels.

Part of a series on beauty, this film begins as an exploration of the filmmaker's sister and the role that beauty plays in her life. Giovanna travels to North Carolina to film her sister and sister’s girlfriend moving in together believing that her sister’s sexuality has something to do with beauty. Once the filmmaker arrives, however, the relationship falls apart but Giovanna keeps filming. The movie becomes a documentary about her sister's relationship with her partner and about the conflict between art and respect for personal privacy.


Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor
Giovanna Chesler


Herland Feminist Film Festival, Alberta Canada - May 2006
Film Out San Diego – April 2005
British Film Institute Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival, London – March/April 2005
Mix Brazil Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia, November - December 2004
Out on Film, Atlanta, November 2004
Media Arts Center San Diego – October 2004
Larzish, International Film Festival of Sexuality & Gender Plurality, Bombay – Sept 2004
North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival – August 2004
Outfest Los Angeles – July 2004
Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival – July 2004
Frameline – San Francisco International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival – June 2004
New Fest, New York Gay and Lesbian Film Festival - June 2004
Provincetown International Film and Video Festival – June 2004
Inside Out, Toronto Gay and Lesbian Film and Video Festival – May 2004
Comm Wild Department Showcase, UCSD Dept. of Communication - April 2004
Women in the Director’s Chair, Chicago, Illinois - March 2004
STRAY, UCSD, work in progress presentation – Fall 2003