Studio A

They asked and I agreed. Was a guest on the GMU-TV produced Studio A. This half-hour episode takes a look inside my directing and producing work thus far.

#MeToo, Black Lives Matter Movements Reflected in Oscars 2018 interview with Voice of America, 2018

Doc Masters: Advice

Doc Masters: First documentary experience.

Voice of America interview and preview of the 2017 Oscar Awards

Voice of America follow up to the winners.

Doc Masters: Ethics of Documentary Editing

Students at Hofstra University (in a class with Skip Bloomberg) asked a series of questions about documentary filmmaking, our role as editors, and the ethics of our practice.

Doc Masters: Fair Use

What is Fair Use and why is it important in documentary?

Doc Masters: Project Preparation informs the two responsibilities we have as documentary filmmakers. To the emotions and facts of a story, and to be the expert in the telling of that story.

Doc Masters: Ethics of Documentary filmmaking practice.

Radio and Written Interviews

Agnes Films

Vagina Verite on Period

Pride Index on Bye Bi Love

Spoiler Alert Radio on Period

News at Mason on Out in the Night