The Pick Up

10 min, 2018 - 2k Scope (2.35), RED, 5.1 surround

Kayla Fuentes (Melanie) with Ashna Sharan (Mom) and Alexandra Wehr (the Jogger). Image Hans Charles + Meagan Arnold.

Kayla Fuentes (Melanie) with Ashna Sharan (Mom) and Alexandra Wehr (the Jogger). Image Hans Charles + Meagan Arnold.



Sullen teen Melanie’s unexpected trip home from swim practice takes her on a bumpy ride toward adulthood.


Cast and Crew

Kayla Fuentes - Melanie
Ashna Sharan - Mom
Alexandra Wehr - Jogger
Zoe Elizabeth - Stephanie
Sydni Gift - Angel

Director + Writer - Giovanna Chesler
Producer - Lisa Thrasher
Director of Photography - Hans Charles
Editor - Damon Beirne
Composer - Allyson Newman
Associate Producer - Rebekah Mejorado

Assistant Directors - Nicholas Canonico, Donovan Jones, Bryan Steger, Andy Riddle, Jessica Riddle

Production Coordinators - Livia Elgart, Kauri GeorgeAdriana Lopez, Carol Merengwa, Chris Rothgeb, Lester Sauble, Taimar Tookhi, Andre Wilson

Casting Assistant + Director's Assistant - Lucas Muratore

Post Production Assistant - Andre Wilson

Second Unit Director of Photography - Damien Coor

1st Camera AC - Everd Rijzewijk
2nd Camera AC - Kyle Van Dyke
Camera Assistants - Mursal Akram, Jack Bolger, Emily Daenzer, Mikayla Fridley, Jason Gilligan, Naod Haddish,  Nick Lewis, Jamie Sullivan Mahon, Julian Nguyen, Erblin Nushi, Lindsey Oblitey, Adam Reforzo, Hector Tolentino III, Tara Tung, Cai Wang

Gaffers - Mike Wilson, Andrew Jorgensen
Key Grip - Chris Franklin
Grip + Electric Swing - Darcelle Larkiin, Nathan Taylor
Grip - Russell Howard, Lester Sauble

Sound Recordist - Mikayla Fridley, Ryan Judge,  Chris Rothgeb
Boom Operator -
Kaidan Blackmer, DeShane Jones, Jason Gilligan

Script Supervisor - Serge Magnavox
Continuity - Amanda Rhodes

Key Hair + Make Up - Nasreen Alkhateeb
Hair + Make Up - Emma Baskir

Production Design + Set Decoration - Charlie Hall, Zoe Peters, Rebekah Mejorado, Max Stempniewicz, Colin Stucki

Costume Dressers - Blaire Collingwood, Rebekah Mejorado, Lucas Muratore, Samantha Siewert

Catering + Craft Service - Adriana Lopez, Lester Sauble

Transportation - Russell Howard, Lester Sauble

Colorist + Online Editor - Robbie Carman, C.S.I.
Finishing Artist - Joey D'Anna, C.S.I.

Re-Recording Mixer - Cheryl Ottenritter, M.P.S.E., C.A.S.
Sound Design + Sound Edit: Rick Rush, Amanda Kraus
Additional Dialogue Recording - Zoe Lee Ottenritter

Titles + Visual Effects - David Mason III
Still Photography - Meagan Arnold, Will Sidaros
Poster Design - Samantha Beach
Behind the Scenes - Damon Beirne, Matt McKinney,  John Christian Druitt, Britney Flores

A Production of G6 Pictures, in association with The Mason Film Lab and a Lisa Thrasher production

The Pick Up cover image by Meagan Arnold